Kva er det i dag? spurde eg. Morfin eller kokain?

Opphavleg tekst:
«"Which is it to-day?" I asked,—"morphine or cocaine?"

He raised his eyes languidly from the old black-letter volume which he had opened. "It is cocaine," he said,—"a seven-per-cent. solution. Would you care to try it?"

"No, indeed," I answered, brusquely. "My constitution has not got over the Afghan campaign yet. I cannot afford to throw any extra strain upon it."

He smiled at my vehemence. "Perhaps you are right, Watson," he said. "I suppose that its influence is physically a bad one. I find it, however, so transcendently stimulating and clarifying to the mind that its secondary action is a matter of small moment."»

Opphav: Arthur Conan Doyle
gjennom Dr. Watson

Kjelde:The Sign of the Four (roman)
Opphavleg mål: Engelsk
År: 1890

Sherlock Holmes
«'Kva er det i dag?' spurde eg. 'Morfin eller kokain?'»
«'Kva er det i dag?' spurde eg. 'Morfin eller kokain?'»   Arthur Conan Doyle